The Universal MicroCode (UMC) Loader is a bootloader that supports 16F(A) and 18F(K, J) series PIC microcontrollers. Full *.asm source code is provided, so it's very easy to roll your own loader solution. Don't worry if you feel uncomfortable using assembler - the UMC loader also includes a UMC Builder application, which automates the assembly process. Just edit "umcbuild.ini", like this

 ; source code files...

 ; device name and OSC...

 ; device configuration settings...
 config OSC = HS
 config PWRT = OFF
 config WDT = OFF
 config LVP = OFF
 config DEBUG = OFF

 ; optional user define control code 

an then just double click "umcbuild.exe" - your loader file will then be automatically built and assembled.

Additional Information

Here is some additional information which you may find useful.