Swordfish Compiler

The Special Edition (SE) version of Swordfish is a free, fully functional and non expiring version of the compiler.  It includes everything you get with the commercial version, including the full list of supported microcontrollers and library source code.

Download Swordfish - version

Don't forget to join the forum! Apart from discussing the compiler, the forum will help you get the best out of the product.

Swordfish SE is not copyright free. If you wish to redistribute Swordfish SE or make it available on another server, you must contact us and obtain permission first. Thank you.


The SE version is limited to the amount of RAM available to the user. The full version of the compiler does not have any of these restrictions.


You can buy the full version of Swordfish from here.


You can download a language reference guide in PDF format using the link below. Please note that this is a language reference guide only. It does not cover the IDE or document the Swordfish libraries, which are covered in the Swordfish online help file.

Swordfish Language Reference Guide

If you have any further questions, please drop us an email.