Updated Swordfish Plugins

  • IDE Assembler Plugin V2.0.0.2 - This plugin update provides support for using mpasmx.exe and long filenames in the IDE Assembler. Unzip the contents into the 'Plugin\Assembler' folder.

User Plugins

  • ISIS Plugin. Labcenter Electronics ISIS Plugin - automatically load your compiled program and start simulating with this easy to use plugin.
  • EasyHID for Swordfish - EasyHID Swordfish plugin - a simple to use, code generating tool that enables a user to quickly implement bi-directional USB HID communication between an embedded PIC™ microcontroller and a PC.
  • Font Converter - A basic font converter plugin which enables you to set a range of ASCII characters to generate. Download and run the installation executable to install into the IDE.
  • S1D15G00 Image Converter - A very simple utility which allows you to generate Swordfish image files for the S1D15G00 GLCD. This driver is typically found on the Nokia 6100. You can see an example image here. Download and run the installation executable to install into the IDE.
  • Plugin Packer - A new plugin packer. Create self extracting installations for plugins and library files.
  • Library Explorer - The library Explorer is a plugin by John Barrat which provides a view into the Swordfish System and User Libraries. The Library Explorer presents a tree view in a similar format to the code explorer and provides a quick view into the syntax for Subroutines and Functions of each library.
  • Code Browser - The Code Browser is a plugin by Ahmed Lazreg (Octal) which provides quick navigation of source code. Includes subroutine and function name filtering.
  • Clean Up – A simple plugin by John Barrat which enables you to purge your User Library and Source directories of non-essential files.
  • LCD Programmable Chr Generator – A simple plugin by Steven Wright which enables you to create a constant array of programmable characters for an LCD display.
  • Swordfish BackUp – A plugin by Steven Wright that automatically makes a backup of the .bas file after a compile or manually.

Plugin API