Updated Swordfish Device Files and Libraries

NOTE: a number of modules previously available on this page have been updated and are now part of the standard libraries as of v2.2.3.0, including updated device files, usart, setdigitalio, pps, intosc, SDFilesystem, and others. Be sure to check the versions before updating your standard libraries!

Swordfish Library and Device File Update 2_22_2021

This update for V2.2.3.6 has various device file and library updates, including:

  • K83 device file updates to fix interrupt definitions
  • updated IVT module for improved vectored interrupt support (IVT.bas V2.0)
  • versions of ISRRX and ISRTimer for vectored interrupt mode (xvISRRX, xvISRRX2, and xvISRTimer)
  • updated sample files for IVT V2.0
  • fix for missing STATUS register bit definitions for inline ASM
  • misc library updates (pps.bas, timer16.bas, suart.bas)

This update also includes the ICC V1.2.0.7 update listed below.

Download the .zip file and run either SF_UPDATE_2_22_2021.exe to update the full compiler, or SF_UPDATE_2_22_2021_SE.exe to update the SE version. Download SF_UPDATE 2_22_2021

Swordfish V2.2.3.6 ICC update V1.2.0.7

The attached ICC update fixes an issue with const data/string access generating ASM error: 'Symbol not previously defined (NVMEN)' (for 18FxxQ10 device family)

Download the .zip file and run either SF_ICC1207.exe to update the full compiler, or SF_ICC1207_SE.exe to update the SE version. Download ICC update V1.2.0.7

Updated Swordfish Modules

A list of standard Swordfish modules which have been updated by users.

  • SD Card Library - Updated SD Card library. Improved DIR command speed. Written by Michael Lebert
  • USB Library - Updated USB library. Also includes a Swordfish port of the Microchip HID bootloader with support for all chips (source provided). Written by Jerry Messina

Firewing Development Board

Modules for use on Firewing development board.

User Modules

This section contains some useful source code modules that can be used with the Swordfish compiler.