The Swordfish CleanUp is a Swordfish plug-in which provides a quick and convenient way to remove non-essential files from your User Library and Source code directories. Once installed, the plug-in can be accessed from the toolbar during a session and it will automatically popup on closing the IDE.

Basic Features

The plugin is essentially very simple so does not come with a help file. When the IDE closes down or when you click the CleanUp Icon on the IDE Toolbar the CleanUp program will pop-up.

You can choose whether to delete the files or not by choosing Yes or No.

If CleanUp appears as a result of closing the IDE and Autoclose is enabled, a countdown will start and will close the application unless you click on Yes or No

If Cleanup is opened in the IDE clicking No will simply close CleanUp

After installing CleanUp you can configure it from the IDE Plugin Menu under JGB Tools/ CleanUp Setup.

CleanUp will use the directory set up as your source directory under Editor Options…

Each tab will list the file types that have been detected in the source and user directories respectively.

Choose which file types you want Cleanup to remove by checking the required items in the list box.

You can enable or disable Autoclose and set its timeout.

The remaining settings determine the extent and manner of the deletions.

Important - Cleanup will NOT allow you to delete source files with the BAS extension.


Download the plugin package below and run the installer program. This will install the application as a plugin.

Download Swordfish Cleanup »