Splash screen image for plugin on startup

This plugin starts automatically with the compiler. It resides in the system tray and makes a backup of the .bas file after a successful or failed compile. You can also select to make a manual backup at any time, either by clicking on the 'Swordfish BackUp' icon in the plugin toolbar, or by right-clicking on the system tray icon and selecting 'Backup Selected File Now'.

There are no options to be set for the plugin. It saves the file into a subfolder of the folder containing the .bas file. It tags the file with the version number, the current time and date, and a note indicating either compile success or failure, or a manual backup.

System tray icon for plugin - right-click for options

There is no option to disable backups at present. This is intentional, to avoid the plugin being turned off permanently by accident. However, by right-clicking on the system tray icon, there is the option to Exit the plugin, thus preventing any more backups occuring until the plugin is reloaded, either when the IDE is re-started, or when the plugin icon in the plugin toolbar is clicked. Note that doing the later reopens the plugin, but does not perform a manual backup on the first click. Subsequent clicks will then perform manual backups.

Installing the Plugin

Download the plugin package below and run the installer program. This will install the application as a plugin.

Download Swordfish BackUp »

The plugin is built in Visual Basic 2008 Express. If you cannot run the plugin, you may need to install the DotNet framework from this link.


If you have any feedback regarding this plugin, please feel free to post it on the Swordfish forum.