The library Explorer is a Swordfish Plug-In which provides a view into the Swordfish System and User Libraries. The Library Explorer presents a tree view in a similar format to the code explorer and provides a quick view into the syntax for Subroutines and Functions of each library.

Basic Features

The Library explorer Plug-In will display constants, variables, types, structures, subroutines and functions contained in library files located in the Library and UserLibrary directories. As it does not process complier directives some items may be repeated.

The System Library and User Library are displayed under separate tabs. An additional tab provides a Search facility.

By default only public items are shown in the library, optionally private items can also be shown. A filter is available to restrict the explorer to displaying only specific item types or just specific libraries.

Pressing F1 will present the help for the selected item if available.

The syntax for any command can be copied to the clipboard by right clicking a selected entry. Options are provided to prefix a library command with the library name and to add the “Include” directive when a Library is selected. The clipboard contents can then be pasted into the Swordfish IDE at the required position.

The images used in the explorer are the same as those used by the Swordfish Code Explorer.


Download the plug-in package below and run the installer program. This will install the application as a Plug-in. It will appear in the Plug-In menu and on the Toolbar.

Download Library Explorer »