The PPSTool is a utility to aid in setting the PPS peripheral pin select configuration.


Download PPS Tool V0.0.6.1 (7z format)

NOTE: This program is now included as part of the standard compiler installation as of SF v2.2.3.3 The utility can be found in the Tools folder.

To use, unzip the file and copy the 'PPSTool' folder to a location of your choice (ie the Swordfish 'Tools' folder is a good choice). Run the application 'PPS Tool.exe'

Simply select the device, peripheral input/output function and pin, and click 'Add'. The corresponding PPS register setting (along with any #options and includes) will appear in the code window. You can highlight and copy any of the desired code to use in your source, or use the 'Copy' button to place the contents of the window into the clipboard. See the included 'help.chm' file for more details.

The tool uses files from the Microchip MCC library, so only more recent devices are supported but this includes many of the 18F series parts that have PPS.

The software is a version of the open source PPS Tool code by Peter Everett, ported for the Swordfish compiler.
The original version is available on sourceforge at https://sourceforge.net/projects/pps-tool/

Download SF PPS Tool Source Code (7z format)