The ConfigGen utility can be used as an aid in setting the device configuration fuse settings. The utility can be found in the Tools folder as part of the standard compiler installation.

The software uses the MPASM '' file as the source of its information, and can be set to use the MPASM, MPASMX, or Swordfish copy.

Config Generator Software

Make sure the software is pointing to the MPASM, MPASMX, or Swordfish Bin installation folder. If it is not, use the 'Change Folder...' button to point to the location of the file ''. For MPLAB this is typically "C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPASM Suite" and for MPLABX it's "C:\Program Files\Microchip\MPLABX\mpasmx". Next, press the 'Load File' button. This will open the .info file and build a list of all PIC18 devices contained in it. Select your desired device from the 'Device' dropdown list and it will display all of the config fuses and their default settings.

Clicking the 'Setting' column for a config entry will show a dropdown list with all of the valid selections for that fuse.

When all config settings have been made, click the 'Generate' button and the program will generate source code with all of your selections (the 'Comments' checkbox will remove the descriptions and just leave the settings, if desired).

Selecting 'Copy to Clipboard' will dump the output window contents into the Windows clipboard, which you can then paste into a file using a text editor or the Swordfish IDE using 'Edit | Paste' (or Ctrl-V).

The 'Set Defaults' button will change all the settings back to the defaults provided in the .info file, with the exception of 'XINST', 'DEBUG', 'LVP', and 'IOL1WAY' if present for the selected device. The program always sets these off (unless the 'Use .info Defaults' checkbox is enabled).