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Swordfish: FutureDevelopment

Many users want to be given an idea of the planned future development path of Swordfish. This is entirely understandable, particularly before making a purchase decision. This page aims to document actual and possible development plans which will evolve over time. Hopefully, this will assist you in making informed decisions about the compilers future.

This page is likely to change over time, so please do keep checking inů

Will Swordfish Support the 16 Series of PIC Microcontroller?

Highly unlikely. Architecturally, the 16 series does not lend itself well to a structured high level language. It can be done - but it always involves compromising or constraining the language in some way. I accept this will impact on potential sales, but this isn't what Swordfish is about. The only absolute regarding development is that the compiler must be robust. As a code writer, you must trust the tools you use. Everything else is secondary. This is our primary objective. Finite resources means we must maintain a clear focus regarding development in order to achieve this objective.

Will Swordfish Support the dsPIC or PIC24 Microcontroller?

We are actively looking at this, but no timescales at the moment I'm afraid. The architecture is very different from the 18 series, so it's a big piece of work - but it is work in progress.

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