Feature Summary

Swordfish is a highly structured, modular compiler for the PIC18 family of PIC microcontrollers. Swordfish is a true compiler that generates optimised, stand alone code which can be programmed directly into you microcontroller. Swordfish is supplied with a powerful and flexible Integrated Development Environment (IDE) which includes an advanced code explorer, full syntax highlighting, third party programmer integration, serial communicator and integrated boot loader application. Just a single mouse click, or key press, will compile, assemble and program your project into the target microcontroller.

The following lists some of the key compiler features.

Library Support

Swordfish provides extensive library support. Swordfish libraries include full source code.

Not only does this enable you to see how a particular library module works, it can also aid learning and become a code starting point for your own library modules.

Device Support

For an up to date list of supported devices, please check here.