Windows 10

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Windows 10

Post by RKP » Sun Oct 25, 2015 12:31 am

Just a few questions.

Is it worth the free upgrade?
Does Swordfish work with Win10?
Also does Firewing work with Win10?


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Re: Windows 10

Post by Coccoliso » Sun Oct 25, 2015 7:25 am

for what concerns swordfish free I would not know.
Swordfish with license is downloaded and updated and it works perfectly.
In Firewing I can tell you that the toolsuite Swordfish not find the licensed version but I've talked about here as I have solved the problem.

Note that in each case PK2CMD and PK3CMD cannot find PicKit2 and PICKit3 hardware
The sources of PK2CMD (and I think even those of PK3CMD) are written in C ++ and use dated system libraries who have problems with USB.
The GUI version of PicKit 3 (not MPLAB) generates exception as soon as you try to use it with the attached hardware.
The GUI version PicKit2 (v 2.61) for what concerns the writing, reading and verify works.
Nothing to be collected for MPLAB-X v2.35 ( MPLABIPE v2.35 read, write and verify works)

I found in internet the GUI version for PicKit 3 (version 3.10) and I modified in order to receive a command line.
Recompiled with Visual Studio 2015 using framework 4.6 (latest) works as the lost PK3CMD.EXE

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