Sensirion Module for SHTxx sensor

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Sensirion Module for SHTxx sensor

Post by yo2lio » Thu Sep 27, 2007 8:14 pm


New module are available, for Sensirion (temperature / humidity) sensor, SHTxx family.

Test board : BIGPIC4, MCU PIC18F8520, LCD 2X16, SHT11 sensor connected on PORTC.
4.7 K pull up resistor on Data Pin is necessary .

Available functions :

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Sub Sensirion_Init(ByRef Port.(Data Pin) As Bit, ByRef Port.(Clock pin) As Bit)

Sub Sensirion_Init_(ByRef Port As Byte, Data Pin, Clock Pin As Byte)

Function Sensirion_Get_Temp_Hum(ByRef temperature, humidity As Float) As Boolean
Function Sensirion_Get_Dew_Point(ByRef temperature, humidity As Float) As Float
For initialization you can choice between Sensirion_Init or Sensirion_Init_

You can download source code from :

Next project, available in few days, will be UDP Bootloader with ENC28J60.
Best regards, Florin Medrea
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Post by Mast » Fri Sep 28, 2007 8:37 am

Thank you yo2lio for your module. it work fine with my sht15, 18f4685. :D

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