I2C serial EEPROM library

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I2C serial EEPROM library

Post by Jerry Messina » Sun Oct 21, 2018 3:16 pm

I just posted a library for I2C eeproms on the wiki.

Supported I2C device types:
  • 24xx00, 24xx01, 24xx02, 24xx04, 24xx08, 24xx16, 24xx32, 24xx64, 24xx128, 24xx256, 24xx512, 24xx1026
  • Atmel AT24CM01, AT24CM02
Features Include:
  • supports hardware I2C, I2C2, or software SI2C modules
  • "standard" interface supporting basic data types, strings, and arrays
  • optimized fill and page write functions
  • multiple devices on a single bus
  • WriteProtect pin control (optional)
The module was testing with ST M24C08 and Microchip 24AA512 devices which was all I had on hand, so if anyone checks out any others left me know how it goes.

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