again on ST7565R

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again on ST7565R

Post by Luciano » Sun Mar 24, 2013 12:05 pm


I just got another display that uses the same ST7565R controller
as recently posted

this is the datasheet: ... BW-3V3.pdf

this one has 128x32 pixels, and same 3.3V, however, it only has a serial interface.
the interest of this one is the small size, low cost (<10euro at Mouser) , very low power and the very simple connection (DIP 1.5mm spaced)
I succeeded in the initialisation sequence using this SSPI commands:

this is the sequence of commands needed:
SSPI.WriteByte($A0) 'RAM->seg output = normal
SSPI.WriteByte($AE) 'display OFF
SSPI.WriteByte($C0) 'COM scan direction = normal
SSPI.WriteByte($A2) '1/9 bias
SSPI.WriteByte($2F) 'power control set
SSPI.WriteByte($21) 'resistor ratio set
SSPI.WriteByte($81) 'electronic volume command (set contrast)
SSPI.WriteByte($2F) 'electronic volume value (contrast value)

SSPI.WriteByte($AF) 'display ON (=all points black)

now I am trying to understand how to access the fonts and use them, since it looks to me (?) that the GLCD library supports parallel commands only (I mean the data port). could you please send some suggestion?

thank you in advance

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