slave spi and dual pics

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slave spi and dual pics

Post by richardb » Wed Apr 29, 2009 3:11 pm

Hi I hope someone can suggest a simple solutions for me

I’ve been doing some work with a new product using a few pics and I need usb support adding so I’ve added another pic and have a selection of lines between them

unfortunately I’m stuck with general purpose i/o lines on the master pic but the slave usb pic has hardware spi lines available

I’ve been trying to use the hardware spi in slave mode without a great deal of consistent success I can transmit to the slave just fine but I cant seem to recover any real data from it,

Has anyone tried this or can anyone suggest another way of sending packets of byte between 2 pics,

Bear in mind that both pics are using interrupts and the usarts are not available on the master.

Any suggestions?

Master = 4550 but could be a different one
Slave is 2550

Master name slave
A.0 nspisel B.4
A.3 spiclk B.1
C.6 miso C.7
B.0 mosi B.0
B.1 slave busy B.3

thanks in advance


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