Support for 18F26-45-46Q10 devices

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Support for 18F26-45-46Q10 devices

Post by Jerry Messina » Tue Aug 21, 2018 11:07 am

MPLABX 5.05 was recently released, along with mpasmx v5.81 which includes support for the 26Q10, 45Q10, and 46Q10 devices.

I just wanted to give anyone interested a heads up... mpasmx 5.81 changed the database file format and isn't compatible with the existing SystemConvert utility for generating device files.

I have an updated version available that works with both new and old formats (SystemConvert v1.4.5), but since the new chips are currently 'future products' I'm going to hold off publishing it until they start sampling them. Also, MPLABX v5 changes the project file formats so I want to give that a shot too and see if there are any surprises.

The 26Q10 looks to be a nice little chip. It has all the features of the 26K40 + eight of the CLCs (ConfigurableLogicCells). It might end up replacing the 26K22 as my "goto" device... we'll see.

The mpasmx assembler itself works fine w/SF so if you have a need for using the new one before I get around to posting the SystemConvert update just drop me a note and I'll get you a copy.

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