Many Big images = not good

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Many Big images = not good

Post by Morris » Sat Mar 27, 2010 12:30 am

We have a Project written on Swordfish and we have some big problem that I would like to know if someone else had seen before.

We are using a GLCD with Toshiba controller T6963C 240x128 and we have about 7 images at full size, plus some other small icons. The problem is that the PIC start to work erratically when we use all the images (it resets, or it halt at some point), if we remove some of the images then it works fine. Then we made a new test, we use all images but now we have commented some code and the PIC works fine again with all images, so it seems that there is a compiler problem
The PIC we are using is PIC18F6722 at 20MHZ and the program uses about 57% of Flash and 16% of Ram, due of copyright issues we can’t post the code here, but if any of the Swordfish developers what to take care of this issue and help us, then I can send the code and schematic to his/her personal email.
As a final note, we have exactly this code running perfectly fine but with a smaller GLCD using KS0108 controller, and of course the images are much smaller, so we think that there is no problem with the code.
I really appreciate if a Swordfish developer can contact me so I can send detailed information and the source code.

Morris :)

[email protected]

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