configurable bootloader

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configurable bootloader

Post by richardb » Fri Jul 20, 2018 12:18 pm

Hi all, Can anyone recommend an "open" bootloader and bootloading windows program that can be configured.

I have made some PCB's for home use using a 46k80 running at 64mHz which works just fine but it would be good to be able to reprogram them remotely.

Ideally i'd like to connect via a bluetooth module something like an HC06. ... oth+module

My problem is that it doesn't have rts/cts pins so I would need to reset with a "known string" first and that's connected to rx2/tx2.

I also have an ftdi ft230 connected to the comport1 but the rts cts pins cant be used directly to reset the mclr pin although they are connected to i/o pins so i could detect them in my program and then do a soft reset.

Any suggestions?


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