interesting tablet for projects.

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interesting tablet for projects.

Post by richardb » Wed Dec 10, 2014 7:38 am

This maybe a bit off topic, but I have just bought a low cost windows 8.1 tablet originally for astronomy but after having it for a bit realised it would be great for other pic related projects that need a good quality way of displaying things.

The tablet I bought was £100 which is 8 inches quad core atom 1 gb ram 32gb flash and it runs full windows 8.1 x86 they also do a 7" model for £80 same spec....

it's very smooth, shockingly good even if you hate 8.1, on a tablet 8.1 makes a lot more sense than on the desktop.

The brand is linx. I've just bought a Bluetooth module for pic stuff on amazon for under £2 so hopefully that's brings it back on topic ;) ... t-pc-linx7 ... t-pc-linx8

Hopefully useful for someone.

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