Continuous screen capture from an active window

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Continuous screen capture from an active window

Post by liak » Thu Mar 11, 2010 10:19 pm

Dear all,

I know this is a bit out of the topic of the forum. But I still want to try out the help from our members here. I had searched almost everywhere on this topic but couldn't get a good result.

I am working on an interface software in VB between a desktop and a PIC system. I need to capture the output from a, say the animation of an active window and convert it into data to be sent to the PIC.

So it's sort of like continuous screen capture of the active window, something like video stream but not exactly.

I am running into trouble in my attempts. I have been trying to capture the serial screen shots of the window as fast as the system allows by means of GDI calls and bitblt the bitmaps captured.

However the results are choppy and the highest capture rate I can achieve is at most 10fps, I need if possible 20fps.

I am opined that members of this forum are savvy in VB programming. Hope any of you can give some ideas. Or better still if any of you has attempted similar things.

Another thoughts of mine, does anyone know how to divert the output from one active window to another VB structure say a Form? This I think may be related to my quest.


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