Timer0 Module Available

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Timer0 Module Available

Post by dman776 » Fri Apr 18, 2008 1:01 am

I've added a new Timer0 module that can either be interrupt driven from a "master" ISR routine, or polled via a loop.

I've added easy function calls to setup and manipulate the timer.
See the included example for interrupt driven timer0 which has a master ISR in the mainline code that:
checks for the interrupt source
calls the appropriate "soft interrupt" (SInterrupt) located in the Timer0 module
The SInterrupt subroutine calls a registered event to process the Timer0 interrupt (located in the mainline code), reloads the Timer0, then, clears the Timer0 interrupt flag.

http://www.sfcompiler.co.uk/wiki/pmwiki ... ser.Timer0

Comments welcomed.

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