new SystemConvert utility v1.2

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new SystemConvert utility v1.2

Post by Jerry Messina » Fri Jul 03, 2015 4:51 pm

There's a new version of the SystemConvert utility available on the wiki page

SystemConvert v1.2 allows you to create device files using either MPLAB or MPLABX, upping the number of supported devices to 241.
It adds a few new features:
  • defines the PROD register as a 16-bit word so you no longer have to use PRODL/PRODH
  • adds a new '#const _wdt_type' to identify the watchdog config type
    • 0 -->WDT(WDT) = [OFF, ON]
    • 1 -->WDTEN(WDTEN) = [OFF, ON]
    • 2 -->WDTEN(WDTEN) = [OFF, NOSLP, SWON, ON]
The RAM allocation has been adjusted to more accurately reflect the device so you may find a slight difference in the 'available ram' for some devices.
The upper limit of RAM should include all contiguous ram present. See the thread Using _protected regions to recoup unusable ram for some tricks you can use to gain addtl ram for some devices (13K50, xxJ60)

Other misc fixes for a number of devices are outlined in the readme file.

The download includes files pre-generated from MPLAB v8.92, but to use them you'll have to have MPASM v5.49 or later (see the wiki page for a link).
Currently, MPLABX/MPASMX doesn't include anything new except a few register definitions, but support for MPASMX will be required for any new devices (like the soon to be released 18F2xK40)

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