Updated Swordfish Device Files and Libraries

This update provides support for the K40 and Q10 devices, as well as a number of enhancements for various standard libraries/user modules, including: updated device files, system, eeprom, usart/usart2, i2c/i2c2, spi/spi2, setdigitalio, pps, wdt, and others. Written by Jerry Messina

Updated Swordfish Modules

A list of standard Swordfish modules which have been updated by users.

  • SD Card Library - Updated SD Card library. Improved DIR command speed. Written by Michael Lebert
  • USB Library - Updated USB library. Also includes a Swordfish port of the Microchip HID bootloader with support for all chips (source provided). Written by Jerry Messina
  • SetDigitalIO - Not strictly an updated library, more of a fork of a current library (utils.bas) which updates SetAllDigital(). A bit of a must have for newer devices. Written by Jerry Messina
  • USART/USART2 modules - Updates to the USART libraries to fix issues with SetBaudrate and WriteItem(pText as string). Written by Jerry Messina

Firewing Development Board

Modules for use on Firewing development board.

User Modules

This section contains some useful source code modules that can be used with the Swordfish compiler.

Digital DIY Modules

These modules are located at Digital DIY.